Group Classes in Rockville

Currently on hold due to coronavirus.

I teach group classes at Your Dog's Friend in Rockville, MD on Wednesdays and (sometimes) Saturday nights. Your Dog's Friend is a 501c3 non-profit that keeps dogs out of shelters by supporting and educating their humans.

Current Classes

Agility Games

Agility Games is designed to teach your dog control and balance and to teach you to be exciting and fun. Whether or not you go on to Agility, you and your dog will develop teamwork as you practice running recalls, contact work on flat boards, targeting, ladder exercises, balance exercises, tunnel work, and low jumps.

Agility 1

Building on what you learned in Agility Games, you and your dog will continue to have fun working as a team on both familiar and unfamiliar Agility equipment. Your dog will learn to maneuver through a variety of jumps, tunnels and weaves and to safely use contact equipment, such as a dog walk and A-frame.

Agility 2: Teeter & Weaves

The teeter and weave poles are the two hardest obstacles to train - so we gave them their own class. Each week, we will play games that build your dog’s confidence on the teeter (which is scary for many pups!) and grow their understanding of how to do the weave poles. Other obstacles will be used in sequences with the teeter and/or weaves. So for example, we may do “tunnel, weave, jump, jump, teeter, jump!”


Rally O is an obedience “sport” which plays like a board game with you and your dog the pieces. You go from sign to sign with each one detailing a behavior for your dog to perform. You are allowed to talk to your dog, praise your dog (even treat your dog!) while doing specific behaviors, like “turn left”, “halt/sit” or “fast pace”. In this class, you will begin to learn each sign and the behavior required to do each sign properly. 

* I teach World Cynosport Rally signs, but there is a ton of overlap between WCRL and AKC signs, so AKC folks are welcome!

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