Fearful Dog Rehab

One of my specialities is working with fearful dogs and their people. If you have a dog who is afraid of something -- anything! -- I can help you help them feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident.


  • ~2 years old

  • cocker/poodle/collie/lab mix

  • OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue

  • Raised by a backyard breeder who did no socialization.


Great with other dogs, but terrified of people and normal household sights/sounds. Would hide in her crate 23 hours of the day.


Beauty was a long-haul rehab. I collaborated with our vet to get medications to help her. I created a safe environment for her and used positive training to build her confidence.


Beauty is happily living with her forever mom, dad, and four dog siblings, with visits from dog-savvy grandchildren. She loves running and playing in the fenced yard, especially with terrier mix, Cookie. She snuggles up with her mom on the couch or in bed and loves to get massages.


  • 4 years old

  • Hound mix

  • Afraid of the open staircase in his new house


Hopper refused to go anywhere near the open staircase. He had an invisible line that he would not cross for anything!!


I worked with Hopper and his people and showed them games to play that would help Hopper feel more comfortable with getting closer to the open staircase.


Hopper can now walk by the staircase. His people are working toward getting him comfortable enough to eventually use it, but for now, walking past it is great progress!

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