Red Light, Green Light


A playground game to practice loose leash walking or heeling


  • Set up start cones on one side of the room. Students will be walking down the longest straight path and at least 2 teams at once. If you have a larger space or more advanced dogs, you can fit in more dogs moving at the same time.

  • Instructor on the other end of the room. Optional RED and GREEN colored circles/signs.


  • Just like on the playground, when you hear "Green Light!" you need to move as quickly as possible to the other side of the room.

  • When you hear "3, 2, 1, Red Light!" you must stop and put your dog in a Sit or Down before the "T" in light.

  • If your dog's rear feet move past your legs, you must do a backup recall (Front), and then put your dog back in heel position before you can move forward again.

  • Whoever is closest to the instructor AND in a sit/down wins the round.

  • Unlike the playground version, the instructor/light will face the teams at all times and to be fair, there will be a consistent time limit before "Red Light" is called in each round.


  • Before class, time yourself heeling your dog across the room. Then you can set yourself a timer on your phone so you can say "3, 2, 1, Red Light!" at a time before you have multiple students on top of you. 

  • For example, if your dog can make it across the room at a brisk heel in 10 seconds, set the timer for 5-7 seconds. 

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