Rally-O Baseball


A fun way to review signs and get humans engaged in training


  • Four "bases" set up in a diamond. They do not have to be far apart since there's no running between them.

  • Any cones or food bowls you need to do spirals, figure 8s, and serpentines.

  • Signs for that class' level divided into four categories: single (very easy!), double (easy/medium), triple (medium/hard), home run (challenge). Shuffle each pile of signs into a random order.

  • Four player markers. If you have big stuffed decoy dogs, these are perfect!

  • Students divided into two teams. Have them come up with a name for their team!

Game Play:

  • The first batter from Team A comes up to the plate and chooses single, double, triple, or home run.

  • Reveal the top sign from that pile.

  • They have three "strikes" to perform the sign accurately. In general, I consider a strike to be either a cue ("Sit, sit, SIT!" = 3) or a redo for an error in performance.

  • If they successfully perform the sign, it's a HIT! They move their dog marker that many bases up. Any dogs already on base move up as well.

  • If they strike out, Team B has a chance to tag another dog on base as Out. They nominate someone to perform the sign that Team A's dog could not. If they succeed on the first try, they may choose a dog marker on any base to tag Out. If they do not, all dogs on bases are Safe.

  • Switch teams "at bat" whenever there are three outs or three home runs, whichever comes first. This helps keep everyone engaged and working, especially if you have rockstar students who don't strike out.

Have fun!!

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