Social Distance Agility Lessons


Email with any questions.



E’s House, Burtonsville, MD

  • Fully fenced yard, roughly 70x90’ of working space

  • No neighbor dogs on either side

  • Jumps, tire, tunnels, A-frame, teeter, table, and (channel) weaves available



Lessons are booked for one hour to accommodate time for the student to arrive, the dog to get settled and warmed up, and for there to be a 15-minute buffer between students so you are in contact with as few people as possible. Instruction time is roughly 30 minutes.


If you want to share a lesson time with a friend, book back-to-back appointments and come together. We will alternate between dogs so each one gets 30 mins of lesson time. If you don’t know the person before/after you in the schedule and you’re interested in sharing, let me know and I’ll talk to them! Sharing works well for dogs who are younger and/or struggle to maintain focus.


Single lesson: $40 (book a single lesson)


4 Lesson Package: $150 ($37.50/lesson - book a package)

Four lessons to be used within 8 weeks of purchase. When you buy a package, you will get a personal code. Use that code to book your appointments.


6 Lesson Package: $180 ($30/lesson - book a package)

Six lessons to be used within 12 weeks of purchase. When you buy a package, you will get a personal code. Use that code to book your appointments.


Cancellation policy

Weather-based cancellations can be done at any time. This includes for heat & humidity. Text me to let me know you’re not coming.


If you will be missing your lesson for another reason, please cancel via the scheduling website so someone else has a chance to grab that time slot.


Bonus: Fun Matches

I will set up a couple Fun Matches over the course of the summer. There is no fee to participate if you’re a current student.


The Fun Match will be set up like an agility trial so you can get a feel for the experience. Each team will have two turns to run the agility course. I will record your team’s highest score & time. At the end of the Fun Match Day, I will email out the results and announce the winners! Prizes will be available for 1st – 3rd place at your next lesson.


Health & Safety:

Each hour of the Fun Match will have a maximum of 5 people and their dogs so we can maintain distance from one another. You may bring a lawn chair to sit on while other dogs are running the course.

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