Group Classes in Columbia

Currently on hold due to coronavirus.

Introduction to Agility, Reactive Dog Agility, and Confidence Building classes at PUPS in Columbia, MD.

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Introduction to Agility

Ever wanted to try agility with your dog? In this class, you will learn training games that not only teach agility, but also strengthen your dog's obedience skills like recall, stay, and heel position. There will be lots of jumps and tunnels and fun!

Current sessions started: February 13/14

New sessions start:  ??? (join the email list to be notified)

Reactive Dog Intro to Agility

(Coming Soon.)  Join the email list to be notified)

Confidence Building

Is your dog afraid of... everything? Can't walk on certain surfaces, terrified of the neighbor's garbage can, thinks every new object is out to get them? You are not alone. This is your class! Each week, we will have physical and mental activities to boost your dog's confidence around new things. We will train their brains to respond with optimism instead of fear. Co-taught with Cynthia Langford, ANWI.

Current session started: February 3

New session starts: ??? (join the email list to be notified)

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